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The number of immigrants who were granted Canada PR through Express Entry has been on-increment ever since the categorical Entry system came into existence in 2015. Now, the elaborate year-end report released by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shows that the number of individuals who got Canada PR through Express Entry in 2018 reached the highest. In 2019 more Canada PR Permits would be granted surpassing 2018 PRs as per reports.
Age factor The greater part of the individuals who got Invitations to Apply (ITAs) in the Express Entry System, belonged to the people between the age group of 20 to 29 years. This is the age class that receives the best points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Express Entry candidates with a life partner within this age group get 100 CRS points while those without a spouse get 110. Education Credential 90 percent of the applicants who got ITAs in Express Entry 2018 had either masters or post-secondary level education. App…

Malta Permanent Residence Visa

Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004 and of the Schengen Area since 2007. With effectively available astounding health care and education systems, and an English talking populace, Malta offers a fine European lifestyle offering a plenitude of relaxation, exercises, including nightlife, diving, and different cultural occasions.

Once you get your Malta Permanent residence permit you can stay, live, work, and settle anywhere in Malta hassle-free. You also get to access the Schengen countries.
Eligibility Criteria for Malta Visa:Applicants must have to purchase or rent property in MaltaShould invest € 250,000 to Government bondsShould purchase property for minimum €320,000Applicants must have a valid travel document for verification proofAnd, applicants must have EU health insurance Here are some reasons why people opt for Malta Immigration: A person having a golden visa can work in MaltaEU Residence Card allows you for Visa-free travel within Schengen AreaMalta offers a favorable…

Get Your Australia PR Visa Faster

Australia is a highly developed island country. It's the 6th largest country and 14th largest economy in the world. Additionally, it's famous for its natural resources as it's one of the oldest countries. Australia is the best place to live a peaceful life backed by a strong economy with a good tax system.

If you’re looking for foreign permanent residency, then Australia could be your best choice. Every year more than a thousand people migrate to Australia to work, live, study and settle permanently.
What is Australia Permanent Resident Visa?Australia Permanent Resident Visais the permission granted by the government of Australia to live and work in Australia lawfully for an unlimited period of time. With Australia PR visa it is easy to work for any employer and any occupation in Australia. To Obtain Australia citizenship, one should live in Australia as a permanent resident for a minimum of 5 years. Before getting Australia citizenship, the candidate should undergo citiz…

1 Million more Immigrants Needed in Canada to fill in their Job Vacancies

Canada has been a world leader in handling the immigration profiles they have been receiving to fill in their job vacancies. Through its Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry System, it has successfully invited more than 3,00,000 skilled workers into Canada to live and work there only ion 2018. This systematic work inflow, and its professional handle has not only helped the Canadian Federal Government to address the Skilled Human Resource shortage in the country but has also ensured less anxiety and quicker time process of PR for the applicants.
Today, India and China are the top-most contributors to the economy of Canada. It has come to the fore that there are over a million job requirements in Canada that need to be addressed. With this number still hauling around, the Canada Federal Government is aiming at inviting approximately 350,000 profiles every year consecutively for the next three years starting from 2019.
Most immigration Programs in Canada ensures the immigrants ob…

High Boost to the H1B Holders in the US - The US Fairness of High Skilled Workers Act of 2019

On the 10th of July 2019, Wednesday, a bill titled US Fairness of High Skilled Workers Act, 2019 was passed in the US House of Representatives. As per this bill, the cap for issuing Green Cards or the cap for applications being accepted every year for the Permanent Residents has been removed for Skilled Professionals. For the rest of the Green Cards being applied under EB5 (Investor Visa) and related categories, the cap has been extended to 15 percent from 7 percent. This bill is now waiting to be passed and put in place in the Senate. Most applications received are from India, China, and the Philippines. This bill has been proposed, as said by Congressman John Curtis, as a drive, to ensure serious merit-based legal immigration. 
This will be implemented from the FY 2020 and it would be on a first come first serve basis. Another important point to be noted here is that these regulations have especially been passed to encourage people who have originated from India and China.
For more…

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Extends Tech Pilot To June 2020

On June 3, 2019, the province’s immigrant nominee program announced that British Columbia’s Tech Pilot will continue until June 2020.
In 2017, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)’s TECH PILOT Program was introduced. The Tech Pilot program provides a fast-tracked process to obtain your Canadian permanent residence for international talent with a job offer in one of the pilot’s 29 eligible tech occupations. BC PNP Streams The Tech Pilot is not a different category or stream of the British Columbia PNP. Applicants are required to apply under a current BC PNP stream to be considered for the Tech Pilot. The various streams of the BC PNP include: Skills ImmigrationExpress Entry BCEntrepreneur ImmigrationEntrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot Job Requirements for BC PNP Tech Pilot Canada immigration applicants applying under the Skills Immigration class must have a confirmed job offer from a BC business, ideally in one of the 29 key innovation occupations that are highly …

Portugal Golden Investor Visa

Portugal Golden Visa is a Portuguese residency permit which allows you to live and work in Portugal. Along with this, you can travel Visa-Free to 26 European countries which comprise the Schengen space. It allows its bearer for permanent residency after 5 years and citizenship after 6 years. To obtain the Portugal Golden Visa you have to invest in real estate in that nation. Here are some benefits of Portugal Golden Visa: 1. Freedom to travel: Portugal Golden Visa permits you for Visa-free travel with no restrictions through Europe 2. Freedom to select and investment category: You are free to select any investment category as per your choice 3. Living in Portugal: Investors and their families are free to enjoy the world-class health care, education services and they can live, work, and settle in Portugal hassle-free. 4. Permanent Residency and Citizenship: Investors can easily apply for permanent residency or citizenship after 5 years 5. Investors can sponsor their family members, su…

Great news for South Africans interested in migrating to Australia

The Australian government will be launching two new skilled regional visa programs this year, opening the opportunity to more South Africans who want to make the move. According to Sable International’s Sam Hopwood, there exist currently over 600 qualified occupations available to migrants willing to work in regional Australia. These occupations are consistent with experiences/skills required in regional areas, including agricultural, trade and professional occupations, he said. “Once the new regional visas are introduced later this year, skilled migration visas sponsored by regional employers or state and territory governments will receive priority processing. “These visas permit you to take your family with you, where they’ll enjoy the similar rights as you.” ‘Regional Australia’ Hopwood described that the Australian government currently represents regional Australia by a postcode listing. “From November this year, regional Australia will be defined as all of Australia except for th…

Get Citizenship by Investment and Enjoy Visa Free Travel

What is Citizenship?   The status of a person being identified as a legal member of a sovereign state under the custom or law is characterized to be as Citizenship. When a person becomes a citizen of a particular country, she/he will enjoy the benefits of that particular country defined by the law of the country for a citizen. What is Citizenship by Investment? Citizenship by investment is a program defined by the Caribbean countries, to enable cross border citizens, looking for investment and a second passport, to invest in the country’s Real Estate or Government bonds and thus obtain citizenship in the country where they have invested.   Benefits of Citizenship by Investment: – •    Lifetime citizenship. •    Pass your citizenship for your future generation. •    You can enjoy all the benefits defined by the law of the country i.e. right to vote, free education & health care, opportunity to be part of politics. •   There are no minimum requirements to be satisfied by the applicant…

Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Program Updates

Grenada has made significant changes to its citizenship-by-investment (CBI) program – key amongst them the minimum investment requirement for the real estate option has been reduced from USD 350,000 to USD 220,000. This makes Grenada’s minimum price point for real estate investment much more competitive with neighboring jurisdictions, although it is only applicable in cases where applicants co-invest in a unit or property.

The Grenada CBI program is the only one in the Caribbean that has visa-free access to China, as well as to the UK and Europe's Schengen Area, and is the only one that holds an E-2 Investor Visa treaty with the US, allowing citizens to be eligible to apply to the US for a non-immigrant visa.

These significant enhancements to theGrenada Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) Program will improve its accessibility and make it more attractive than ever for potential investors.

How EB-5 Investor Visa Is A Way To Obtain U.S Green Card?

In the event that you are Arab, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian, Russian or Italian situated in Dubai, UAE or inside the Middle East and India searching for approaches to acquire a U.S. Green Card, XIPHIAS Immigration have the resolution for you. Acquire an EB-5 Investor Visa. UAE residents are contributing millions for a U.S. Green Card. Why? For the open door for their family to live, work, or study in the United States while as yet having their homes in Dubai. Over the last few years, many people are applying for EB-5 visa from Dubai so; the demand for EB-5 investment visa has increased.
What is Eb-5 Visa?
The EB-5 visa is an approach to get your green card and permanent residency through investment. The EB-5 investor visa program empowers outsiders who make an interest in a U.S. business to get a green card and become legitimate permanent residents, and inevitable citizens, of the United States. The investment can prompt a green card for the investor to live and work permanently in the…

European Countries Citizenship and Permanent Residency through Investment Immigration Program

The European continent offers a wide assortment of alternatives to investors and entrepreneurs who are keen on a second home/residence or citizenship. Contingent upon the nation and investment type, investors can hope to get a transitory/temporary residence, permanent residence or even citizenship in return for their speculation/investment. What makes the European nations especially alluring in the speculation/investment movement showcase is the portability that European living arrangement and citizenship offer. As a result of principles and understandings between European nations, a living arrangement in any of the European nations with speculation/investment migration programs opens the way to visa-free travel all through most or all of Europe. Moreover, the individuals who obtain citizenship in a European Union part nation, either straightforwardly through their venture/investment or through permanent residency as a venturing stone, will be concurred the capacity to live and work …

Apply for Australia Investment Visa with Word’s best XIPHIAS Australia Investment Visa Service from UAE

Know What Is Investor or Australia Investment Visa? The Investor visa or Australia Investment Visa is produced for worldwide venture/investment goliaths and high total assets identities who seek after getting required on the ground floor of the Australian economy and settling in the nation for all time through investment. The base investment that empowers you to acquire the Investment Visa Australia from UAE is 1.5M AUD. In any case, the bigger venture you make, the greater the arrangement of advantages you are advertised. Investment Visa for Australia from UAE has a few streams created with respect to the investment capital: noteworthy (more than 5 million Australian dollars) and premium (over 15M AUD) investment/ventures give milder conditions to getting the changeless financial specialist retirement visa for Australia. The huge stream is a businesslike answer for individuals who look for investment migration. Australia Investment Program Like different nations with powerful speculat…

USA EB 5 Visa Program to Obtain USA EB 5 Investor Visa from Dubai

The USA is a standout amongst the most favorable and vital business goals to begin your career with. Being a standout amongst the most created countries the USA gives different business and investment open doors as well as gives US citizenship through its US green card by investment plan and issuance of EB-5 Green card visa to the migrant or financial specialist. What is a USA EB 5 Visa Program from Dubai? USA EB-5 Investor Visa or USA EB-5 Investor Visa from Dubai was first presented in 1990, EB-5 permanent residency is one of the projects that allow a limit of 10,000 visas for each year to outside or foreign investors in lieu of their interest in American business.
The USA EB 5 Visa Program from Dubai is a remarkable U.S. Migration program structured explicitly for foreign investors who are keen on obtaining a green card to the United States. While numerous planned migrants need to trust that a possibility will enter the United States, Dubai or outside investors who take an interest…