How To Get Malta Citizenship from UAE(Dubai)

Acquiring citizenship falls under the guidelines of the Malta citizenship Act. There are a few different ways to get Malta citizenship.
While residents of EU nations may apply for citizenship following a six years time of residency within the nation, non-EU citizens must live in Malta for a long time(18years) before applying for citizenship.
The Maltese citizenship application may just be submitted once these constraints have been met. Malta does not force any limitation on double nationality; however, it requires that the city holds just a single residence for tax assessment purposes. Among the most ideal methods for getting citizenship in Malta is the Malta citizenship by investment program from Dubai.

The Fundamental Approaches to Acquire a Malta Citizenship

 Foreign residents can acquire Malta citizenship under one of the accompanying conditions:
  • Born in Malta from one Malta parent – this indicates acquiring citizenship by birth;
  • Born outside Malt, where one of the parents is Maltase citizenship – this indicates getting citizenship by descent;
  • Foreign citizens residing in Malta for a long time (6 years) – this suggests acquiring citizenship by residency;
  • Getting married to Maltese citizenship – this infers getting citizenship by marriage;
  • Adopted by Maltese guardians – this suggests getting citizenship by adoption;
  • They entered Malta through the Citizenship by Investment Program by making a certain investment.
You can contact XIPHIAS Immigration lawyers in Malta for point by point data about the legal necessities identified with getting citizenship under the national law.

Applying for Maltese Citizenship by Birth and Descent

The Citizenship Act offers foreign nationals who have something like one parent with a Malta nationality to apply for citizenship. An outsider can apply for Maltese citizenship on the off chance that they were born in Malta and something like one of the guardians is a Maltese citizen or one of Malta’s guardians moved to another country and gave birth to a candidate.

Turning into a Maltese Citizenship through a Malta Permanent Residence.

One of the most effortless methods for turning into a Malta citizen is by first getting Malta Permanent Residence. The primary kind of license which can be acquired is the temporary residence permit which would then be able to be changed over into a Malta Permanent Residence. The individual applying for Maltese citizenship must be a Malta Permanent Residence for a long time (6 years), out of which they more likely lived in Malta for 4 continuous years.
Foreign citizens can likewise get a work license and afterward a residence permit after which they can apply for Maltese citizens under similar conditions.
It ought to be noticed that the brief temporary residence criteria will be different depending on the candidate nationality, which is the reason it is ideal to talk about such aspects with XIPHIAS immigration legal counselors in Malta.

Getting Maltese Citizenship by Marriage

Malta law permits citizens to a foreigner who gets married to Malta national.
In any case, there are a couple of conditions connected to acquiring Malta citizenship by marriage. The foreigner must apply for a Maltese identification must submit verification that they have been living and is married to a Maltese national for minimum 5 years. It is likewise valuable to realize that a divorced foreign person can likewise apply for citizenship under a similar 5-year residence necessity.

How to Obtain Malta’s Citizenship if you were Adopted

Malta is a standout amongst the most welcoming European nations, which is the reason its nationality enactment is exceptionally agreeable. Maltese citizens who adopt youngsters from different nations can ask for the experts to allow those kids Malta citizenship on the off chance that they are not above 10 years at the date of the adoption.

Eligibility for Malta Investor Program from Dubai

  • The fundamental candidate must be 18 years old and on favorable terms;
  • Home buy or lease at €350,000/16,000p.a.;
  • Contribution of €650,000;
  • Build up an authentic association with Malta;
  • Purchase Government bonds adding up to €150,000.

Along with the application form, the following documents have to be submitted while applying for citizenship in Malta:

  • confirmation of self-sustenance by filling in a financial independence application,
  • Copy after the visa,
  • Copy after the worldwide medical coverage,
  • bank explanations as evidence of money related assets,
  • an electronic identity registration form,
  • the application for naturalization,
  • a medicinal report,
  • a statement of the yearly pay and wealth information,
  • insights regarding family, education and past business,
  • No criminal record.


  • Obtain the right to live and work in Malta, and travel freely to all other European countries
  • Malta permits dual citizenship
  • Malta residents can likewise move and work in another EU nation without other extra formalities.
  • Citizenship is given automatically to a newborn baby.
  • Malta has low tax rates compare to other countries.
  • Visa-free travel to 173 Countries, inc. UK, US, CA

Process & Timeline

 1.  Preparation Time: Less than 1 month.
  • Prepare supporting documents & application file.
  • Sign documents before a Maltese consult.
2.  Processing time (Full Citizenship Application): 4 Months
  • Identity Malta: Reviews application, the source of funds, background checks IM applies risk weighting.
3.  Compliance Time (In principle Approval): 4 months
  • Purchase or rent property
  • invest $150k in bonds
  • Submit health cover
4.   Oath of Allegiance naturalization certificate: 25 days to pay a contribution.
5. Wait for the end of 12 month

XIPHIAS Immigration legal counselors clarify the necessities related to applying for citizenship in Malta. XIPHIAS Immigration helps you and guides you in every way to fulfill your dreams to settle in Malta. Now is the time to take advantage of a great lifestyle in Malta. The opportunities are unlimited.


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