XIPHIAS Immigration: Empowering People to be Global Citizens

In every industry, there are some positive factors and some negative factors which build the pillars of the sector. In an industry like Immigration, there exists a huge chance of unethical processes which ultimately misleads people, spoils careers and destroys life. Apart from others, ahead of the race, XIPHIAS Immigration stands as a highly recognized immigration consultancy firm known for its excellent advisory services. While having an interview with Varun Singh, Managing Director of XIPHIAS Immigration, he shared with us some interesting factors of the industry, and his company is creating an impact on the society with its extraordinary services.
  • What are the main goals of your company? What kind of services/solutions/ products is offered by XIPHIAS Immigration at par with the current industry standards?
XIPHIAS Immigration aims at being the most recognized advisory firm in the Immigration industry and empowers the clients and their families in the entire process of being a global citizen. Our bouquet of services includes Skilled Migration Services, Study Abroad Services, Corporate Migration Services, and Investment Immigration Services.
  • Tell us something about the Founder/CEO and founding story?
XIPHIAS, the Group Company, was founded by Mr. Rohit Kumar in the year 2002 with the company XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which got registered in 2005. Seeing the potential and need for a good Consultancy in the Immigration sector, I formed XIPHIAS Immigration in the year 2008. Over the years, we have moved from a five-member team to more than 200 across the globe. And, we are still expanding!
  • How did you cope up with the biggest challenges of the immigration consulting industry? How did you strike a balance in the journey?
The biggest challenge of the Immigration Industry is the wrong sales. Rather than understanding the dreams of the people and guiding them towards it, most of the immigration consultants these days take invoices only for the sake of making money and profit. At XIPHIAS, we share a transparent relationship with our clients and do not give false assessments and hopes.
  • What are the various marketing strategies and how do you use social media to be ahead of the race?
Social Media is the “in-thing” and XIPHIAS likes to stay ahead of the market trend. XIPHIAS gets most of its clients through reference and word of mouth! More than 80% of our business happens through positive word of mouth.
  • What benefits your clients are getting from XIPHIAS Immigration? Give us some examples of your satisfied clients.
XIPHIAS Immigration is the one-stop consultancy for all the immigration services. Right from the Initial Assessment to Post landing Services, we ensure smooth migration for all our clients. Satisfied clients are plenty and you can view their positive testimonials on our website https://www.xiphiasimmigration.com/reviews.html .
  • To you, how does success look like? 
Satisfied Clients!
  • Do you have any credentials, awards or important licenses? Please describe.
Being a member of the Investment Migration Council, we have awards like Business & Leadership Excellence Award, Most Promising Immigration Consultancy Company of the Year, Global Business Leadership Award and The APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award, to name a few. But our biggest award is the positive reviews of our clients and the bond which we share with our clients.
  • How does your business or organization differentiate itself from competitors? Advice you would like to give to new-comers in the market?
XIPHIAS has no competition! We are unique and the best! Yes, there are a lot of players in the industry, but nobody can be a competitor for XIPHIAS. And, the only advice I will give to these players is that they should do ethical sales. Do not misguide the client and play with their dreams.
  • What are your future goals for the company’s betterment and any plans to expand?
Expansion is inevitable and XIPHIAS has grown multi folds since inception. When we started, we had only a team of 4-5 employees and now, we have our offices in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, and Canada. Our only goal is to exceed the clients' expectations and keep delivering a premier, personalized advisory experience to help them achieve their dreams of resettling in a foreign land.
  • Being a leader in the industry, share with us your point of view about the industry.
Immigration is a sunrise sector and is highly emerging. Nobody wants to be a Local citizen and people are more keen on becoming Global Citizens. Everybody wants to improve their standard of living and immigration assures a better life for not just an individual but also his/her family. It is definitely, and will always be, the best industry to be in!
  • How is XIPHIAS Immigration helping students in pursuing a career abroad?
Studying abroad is an exhilarating experience and XIPHIAS is always eager to help the future generation in getting the best of the opportunities available. We have partnered with more than 300 colleges across the globe and provide free services to them. We also help these students with end to end career opportunities.


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