Actual Process of Dominica Citizenship

Dominica has been offering a Second Passport by Investment Program since 1993, allowing individuals and their families to enjoy all the benefits of being Dominican in exchange for a contribution to the nation’s future. Administered by Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU), the Program is entrenched in the country’s legislation and has allowed citizens from across the world to enjoy the security and freedom of belonging to a silent and resourceful nation.

1. First, decide how you would like to contribute. 
An applicant has two options for investment in order to gain Dominica citizenship by Investment. One is a non-refundable contribution to the Government’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). The other is by investing in preapproved real estate development.

2. Reach Best Investment consultant
XIPHIAS Immigration consultants are qualified and trusted advisor to assist you in the submission of your application.

3. Collecting the required documents
Gather the forms and documentation that your agent deems relevant to your application. There is no requirement to travel to Dominica to attend an interview.

4. Submission of application
Once your agent is confident that your application fulfills all the requirements, your application will be submitted to the CBIU by XIPHIAS Immigration.

5. Processing of application
The CBIU will begin processing your application. During this time, a third party due to diligence agency will perform stringent background checks on the information you have provided. Processing times vary between 60 and 90 days.

6. Final approval
If the CBIU is satisfied that your application fulfills all the criteria, it will submit your application to Dominica’s Prime Minister and Cabinet for review and final approval.

7. Letter of confirmation
If successful, you will receive a letter informing you that your application has been approved in principle.

8. Make Investment
At this point, you must make the relevant contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund’s escrow account or that of your preapproved real estate development.

9. Receiving citizenship certificate
You are issued with a certificate of naturalization indicating that you have become a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Your agent will then apply for your passport.

10. Receiving the second passport
On receipt of your passport, you will be able to travel as a citizen of Dominica.

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