How to Increase Your USA B1 Visa Approval Chances

For those foreign citizens who are not exempt from the Visa Waiver Program, they need to obtain a USA’s non-immigrant visa (B1 or B2) for short visits, either for business or pleasure. Such visits may include tourism, vacations, family member's visits, medical assistance, business meetings, business workshop participation, or personal outdoor activities.

It is important for such a traveler to show documents at the visa consulate proving that the traveler would be returning back to the country of origin post his purpose of visit gets completed. As proof for the same, the applicant will have to show all or few of the below documents as is necessary-

1. Proof of Employment in the country of origin

Although this in itself doesn’t ensure VISA, it’s a good supporting document proving that your return is inevitable. It's important to bring your past and present payslips or employment letters. 
It would be preferable to provide an Employment Certificate stating your position, Joining date, current status, monthly or annual salary earnings, and leave certification. Providing this proof will serve as a reference point for the immigration officer who will rate your application. It is preferable to show the document which states the purpose of your visit to the United States while applying for US B1 Visa.

2. An obligation for the family

You can get supporting letters from family members, attesting that they will take care of your dear ones while you're in the USA. This will aid answer the immigration officer's questions as to who will take care of them if you go to the United States.

3. Property And Personal Asset documents

These documents will provide more confidence to the interviewing officer that you would return no matter what to take care of these properties and that you have no reason to stay back in the US. These are a must along with your financial assets as proof of your ties to the home country. As we know about US new rule (i.e. public Charge) Evidence may include property ownership, company ownership or house ownership.

4. Community Involvement

Showing your community involvement documents might increase your chances of getting your visa application approved.

5. Travel History

The more documentation you submit to prove that you have intended to return back to your home country, the better chances of your visa approval.  One such document is your travel history proving no overstay during any of your visits to any country possible.

This VISA is one of the most preferred due to its benefits. One such benefit is that B1 and B2 can travel together to the USA.

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