Which Dominica Investment Program is More Suitable For You?

To be eligible for citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica under its Citizenship by Investment Program, you should make either a contribution into the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or an investment in designated real estate.

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) was established by the Citizenship by Investment Program as one segment of a national capital assembly portfolio, with the objective of national advancement for Dominica.

Generated assets are used for public and private ventures wherever required. Few of the Public segment ventures which are recognized for funding under the Program include but not restricted to,
  1. The structure of schools,
  2. Clinic redesigns,
  3. The structure of national games arena.
For private ventures, the Dominican Government shows more interest in the travel industry, information technology, and agriculture.

To meet all the requirements for citizenship under the EDF stream, the following contribution needs to be met, which depends upon the number of dependents becoming part of the application-
  • Single candidate: a non-refundable commitment of USD 100,000
  • Main candidate and spouse: a non-refundable commitment of USD 175,000
  • Main candidate with up to three qualifying dependents: a non-refundable commitment of USD 200,000
  • Any qualifying dependent of the main candidate, other than a spouse: a non-refundable contribution of USD 25,000 per dependent
In addition to the contribution made to the EDF, certain fees are also payable.

Real estate

To qualify for citizenship of Dominica through real estate pathway to qualify for the Citizenship by Investment Program, you should purchase authorized real estate whose minimum value is USD 200,000.

Government Fees- On approval in principle of an application through a real estate investment or other approved project, the following Government Fees applies-
  • USD 25,000 for a single candidate.
  • USD 35,000 for the main candidate applying with his or her spouse;
  • USD 35,000 for the family of up to four persons which includes the main candidate and up to three dependents.
  • USD 50,000 for a family of up to six persons, including the main candidate and up to five dependents; or
  • USD 70,000 for a family of seven persons or more, including the main candidate and six or more dependents.
In order to qualify for citizenship, you must hold authorized real estate for 3 years from the grant of citizenship. Furthermore, you may only re-sell that real estate under the Citizenship by Investment Program after 5 years of receiving citizenship.

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