8 Amazing Facts About Antigua and Barbuda

8 Amazing Facts About Antigua and Barbuda
8 Amazing Facts About Antigua and Barbuda

Most of the people keep Antigua and Barbuda as the first priority for Caribbean Citizenship by investment program. Here are some reasons to justify the same-

1. Easy Access to the World

Antigua is the most loveable tourist destination open through direct flights from the UK, USA, and Canada. VC Bird International Airport has direct flights coming from all over the world.

2. A Beach for Every Day of the Year

There are 365 shorelines in the nation, one for every day of the year. The nation is home to the absolute most delightful white and pink sand shorelines in the Caribbean. Dickenson Bay is a long and energetic shoreline, generally pressed with individuals and loaded up with different potential outcomes, from touring in a glass-base watercraft to banana sculling and jet-skiing. Pigeon Point is the principle open shoreline on the south coast, where you can swim, and sunbathe.

3. Antigua Has One of the Most Temperate Climates in the World

This reality is for the most part because of the low humidity of the nation, making it a perfect goal to visit all year. The normal rainfall is around 39 inches for each year. The wettest months are among September and November, while the coolest time happens among December and February.

4. Social Heritage

The nation of Antigua and Barbuda isn’t famous for its beautiful scenery, yet additionally has various social heritage destinations. St. John’s Cathedral is an Anglican Church developed in the nineteenth century, and it is a standout amongst the most visited destinations in the capital city of St. John’s. The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is likewise not to be missed. Nelson’s Dockyard National Park is the ideal mix between man-made and normal scene.

5. Dynamic Nightlife and Colorful Celebrations

Antigua and Barbuda are celebrated for its dynamic nightlife and plenty of clubs and particularly bars, which attracts the sightseers through their wonderful music and beachside area. In any case, the
greatest party of the year is the Antiguan Carnival held every year in the festivity of the annulment of
subjection. The Carnival happens from the end of July until the first Tuesday of August and is a 10-day celebration of brilliant outfits, sustenance fairs, social shows, shows, marches, excellence events, ability shows, and, most of all, incredible music.

6. No Language Barrier

The nation’s legitimate language is English, making it simple to speak with anybody on the island.

7. Community 

Antigua and Barbuda are known for their solid network, and local people are well known for being friendly and mindful to one another.

8. Reasonable Homes, Close to the Beach

For about $276,000 you can buy a 2,372 sq. ft home built in 2011, near the best beaches in the nation. The property is situated in a gated private network and accompanies three rooms and two washrooms. It has a cozy family room, a comfortable feasting territory, and a flawless outfitted kitchen. The property itself is finished and has a fenced yard and a delightful garden area.

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