France VISA Talent Passport

The France VISA Talent Passport was created to encourage Entrepreneurs interested to run business in France to obtain a multi entry and multi-year residency permit. With this program, the main applicant can bring along spouse and children to France. This visa can be applied for all those who intend to stay in France for any period beyond 3 months.

France is a beautiful country whose capital Paris is the fashion hub of the world. France is a highly developed country in terms of economy and is also a politically stable country. It is the 2nd largest economy in the whole of European Union. There are many places to explore in France. The language French is also the highest spoken language and accepted official language across the world. It is the country with largest amount of land space in the whole of European Union.

France has declared its visa program which is one of the most competitive in the whole of Europe Immigrations.

One can choose from one of the below paths to relocate to France –

i.                    Create a business in France or take control of one-

The investor needs to prove that he has a real business creation project in France. The investor can acquire an already running business. Such an acquisition will need the investor to prove his credibility depending on the nature and characteristics of the project. The investor can choose to invest in a company that is industrial in nature or is commercial in nature or artisanal in nature. Special rules are applicable to each of these categories under special French laws.

It will require the investor to invest a minimum of 30,000 in the project.

The investor should have cleared a master’s or an equivalent.

The investor should be able to prove his professional experience of atleast 5 years in business to qualify under this program.

Supporting documents for this program include –

a.       Documents proving the investor’s claims in the application

b.      Business plan or anything to prove the business intentions of the applicant

c.       Information about the amount of investment and its usage.

The visa will be provided based on the period of stay by the investor in France. If in case, the investor intends to stay in France for only a period of 12 months, then he will be issued a LONG STAY VISA equivalent to residence permit with the statement “Passeport Talent”

Long Stay Visa is issued for to the business creator with the seal “passeport talent” “créateurd’entreprise” (Skilled residence permit - Business creator)within 2 months of the investor arrival in France.

ii.                  Direct Economic Investment–

Under this path, the investor can invest in Social Capital which could be equity investment of more than 10% or any real estate investment or for capital increase investment. The investor can reinvest his earnings in the business or investments. The investor can provide loan to a company in which he has invested. This direct loan also creates the eligibility for the investor to apply for this visa.

The investor will have to provide the required documents proving his credentials as mentioned in the application along with submitting his plan.

The investor will be provided with long term visa. It is easier to apply for France Visa Dubai.

 iii.                Develop an Innovative project in France

An innovator with an innovative idea can apply for this program where he will need to obtain permissions or get recognized from a public body beforehand. Such an innovator will get long-stay visa bearing the statement “passeport talent” “projetéconomiqueinnovant” (Skilled residence permit - Innovative economic project). The visa is valid for 4 years period. Once in France, the investor needs to get stamped within 2 months of arrival there.

 iv.                 Corporate appointment in a French Company –

The applicant should have worked with the same company for a minimum of 3 months. Such an applicant will have to provide required documents showing that he is the legal representative in France for the company in question. The applicant’s pay should be three times that of his counterpart in France.

The documents should include all of the above along with proof that applicant’s credentials and work experience.

The visa issues will be for long stay and will carry the statement passeport talent” “mandataire social” (Skilled residence permit - Company representative). It is a multi-entry visa which holds good for a period of 4 years.

The businessman, who applies under this program, will receive permanent residency in France for a period of 4 to 5 years. The visa is renewable. In 10 years period, the permanent resident will qualify for citizenship there.

Permanent residency visa holder from France can live work and study in any part of the European Union.

It is kind of opening their unlimited possibilities. The best way to proceed with this visa program is by tying up with the right International investment immigration consultancy firm who have quite a bit of experience with international investments.



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