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Investments across the globe, across countries have been attracting lot of high net-worth individuals. Many countries are becoming part of the group of countries which offer Citizenship by Investment programs. Investing in a new country adds to the investor’s personal wealth. It becomes imperative for the investor to join hands with the right international investment immigration expert to help choose the right pathway that can help them realize their dream. Very few countries in the world provide Citizenship by Investment program. One of the most proficient citizenship programs are offered by the Caribbean Countries. 5 of the Caribbean countries provide Citizenship by Investment program.

The programs offered by these countries are very popular among all those investors who intend to invest in a new country in exchange for citizenship there. These investments could bring the investor desired return on investments.

St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program-

St. Kitts & Nevis, the island of the Caribbean located between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean is a dual island. Of the two, St. Kitts is the bigger one and houses dormant volcanoes. 

Under the St. Kitts & Nevis CBI Program, they have introduced two pathways for the investors to invest here.  One is investment in Real Estate and the other program is the citizenship through donation into Government fund.

There are many beautiful resorts in St.Kitts. Investing in the resorts of St.Kitts is a good option as it brings in a good return on such an investment.

The investment value has been reduced for both the pathways. This will be so only till December 2020.

The donation into the Sustainable Growth Fund has been reduced to USD $ 150,000 for a single investor and it is USD $ 195,000 for a family of 4. Additional costs will be there. All those investors who intend to freely travel to European Union can avail this program.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

Antigua& Barbuda is the sunniest of all the islands in the Caribbean. This country has 365 islands. Hence one can reach out to each of the beaches everyday all through the year to enjoy the adventure sports offered here along with the weather. Many carnivals are celebrated in the beaches here.

The investor can choose to donate to the Government fund or invest in the real estate of the country. The investor who invests in the government funds need to make a USD $100,000 for a family of 4. For a family of 5, the investor needs to make a donation of USD $125,000.

If the investor wants to invest in the real estate of the country, then the investor needs to invest a minimum of USD $400,000 in the real estate of the country.

The citizenship will be granted in 3-4 months’ time. With Antiguan passport, the investor can travel to 100 + countries visa free.

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program –

Located in the eastern side of Caribbean, this island is covered with tapered mountains in the west coast and is home for quite a number of volcanic beaches, reef diving sites and luxury resorts. St. Lucia offers St. Lucia citizenship by Investment program through which interested investors can invest in the island to obtain citizenship there. The program was started in January 2016. They invite investments either as investments in real estate of the country or through donations to St. Lucia National Economic Fund.

The investor will have to contribute a minimum of USD $ 100,000 into the National Economic fund if he is a single applicant. If the investor is applying along with his spouse, then the donation amount is USD $165,000 for the couple. For family of 4, the investment amount is USD $190,000.

If the investor intends to obtain his citizenship through investment into pre-approved real estate, then the investor needs to invest a minimum of USD $300,000 for a single applicant. The investor will get his investment back in 5 years’ time. This offer was brought into vogue in May 2020.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program –

Dominica’s natural landscape is covered with mountain ranges, natural hot springs and tropical rainforests. Dominica is known for its spices and beautiful beaches. Dominica’s CBI program is one of the most famous citizenship programs in the world. Dominica passport holders have the right to travel to more than 130 countries visa free.

Dominica has defined two pathways to invest in the country. One is the real estate pathway and the other is donation to Government fund.

IF a single applicant is applying for the program, then the minimum donation amount for the applicant is USD $124,000. In case a family of 4 is applying then a total of USD $212,000 needs to donate to the Government fund or the Economic Dynamic Fund.

Dominica has many beautiful resorts and to invest in the real estate there, the investor as single applicant need to pay USD $280,000. If a family of 4 is applying together then the investment amount is USD $293,740.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program –

Grenada the spice island of the Caribbean is famous for the beautiful clean water that surrounds the island. This country is known to maintain the ocean clean and their land green. Grenada offers its Grenada citizenship by investment program to high net-worth individuals who intend to invest in a foreign land for a second passport. This program was launched in 2013 but was completely brought to practice only in the year 2016. Second passport from Grenada allows the investors to travel to 140+countries visa free.

To qualify for this program, the investor needs to contribute a minimum of USD $150,000 to the national funds or must invest a minimum of USD $220,000 in the real estate of the country. There will be additional charges for the processing and more.

Each of the above mentioned programs are unique and requires to be understood better, to identify what suits one’s requirement. Hence it is important for you, the investor to work with the right immigration specialist with international repute to ensure money is put in the right, safe and secure place.


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