Migrating to Ontario, one of the top destinations


Canada is one of the foremost countries which invites skilled professionals and Businessmen into the country. Canada believes that one of the reasons it has achieved its economic progress is due to the immigration of foreign skilled professionals and foreign investors who have brought in the required expertise and innovative thoughts. Canada Immigrations is a good proposition for all those who intend to relocate to better destinations for better opportunities. Canada has introduced more than 70 immigration programs to invite foreigners into the country. Canada intends to invite around a million skilled professionals into the country by the year 2022.

Most of the immigration programs provide Permanent residency in Canada. One of the best ways to get PR in Canada is by applying through the best immigration firms in the country. Canada has many provinces which invite immigrants directly into the province through their own immigration program. These provinces have the right to choose the right personnel into their province who can choose the best for the province’s requirements. One such province is Ontario.

Ontario is one of the richest provinces in Canada. It is the house for Canada capital Ottawa and the famous Toronto city. Toronto is known to be the most technical advanced cities in Canada and it is the technical hub of Canada. This province is best known for all kinds of technical and innovative ideas in Canada. Ontario invites immigrants into the country through their Provincial Nominee program Canada. Ontario is also famous for a number of large water bodies in the province including Niagara fall. Ontario has many manufacturing industries in the province and also has a large tract of farm land in the province.

Ontario immigration program is also termed as Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. There are numerous pathways that Ontario has introduced for different kinds of immigrants. Toronto is the main economic hub of Canada. Ontario’s Ottawa is the political center of Canada. The job opportunities in Canada are very good. There is limited unemployment recorded in Canada.

The residents in Ontario are one of the top earning individuals in comparison to other provinces. All though the cost of living in city likes Toronto is high, it need not be the same in other parts of the cities. An average family in Ontario earns close to CAD $75,000 per month. Ontario also provides best living conditions. The place is known for cleanliness, safety and availability bare necessity services to all the citizens and residents of Ontario. It is one of the reasons why Ontario today has become the top immigration destination for all investors and skilled professionals.

Ontario for one of its immigration pathways works in tandem with Canada immigration express entry system. Canada’s express entry system is a system that was introduced by Canada in the year 2015 to ease the immigration process helping both immigration authorities and the aspirants. The Express Entry system filters the profiles based on their score. The scoring system will be such that the profiles in the Express Entry system will be given a score for each of the 5 factors which include the age, education, experience, adaptability and language ability. It is required that the aspirants score a minimum of 60 points to qualify for any of the PNP program. Based on the score, the profiles will be ranked. All those profiles with highest ranking possible will be considered for further processing.

The other programs that Ontario has introduced include invitation for entrepreneurs into the province to invest either in Greater Toronto Area or in the other parts of Ontario.

To ensure safe and successful migration to Canada it is important for the aspirant to apply for the program through an immigration firm which is registered with ICCRC, Canada.  



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