Relocate to UK from Dubai to invest and grow


UK is the center of economic changes in the world. UK is the 5th largest economy of the world. Its capital London is one of the 3 Global economy commanding centers. England has been able to rule around the world and has been able to influence culturally across the globe. English language is currently the official language of most of the countries in the world. It was the center for industrial revolution in the early 19th century. It is one of the most innovative economies in the world. UK brings in UK innovator Visa program to invite foreign innovators to open business in UK.

Such an innovator will need to invest a minimum of UK £50,000 in England. This program requires that the investor does not live in UK and Switzerland. He should be outside the country. Such an investor will not have any other income in UK other than from his business.

This program allows 2 investors to invest with the same business plan. However, each of them will need to invest UK £50,000 and each of them have to obtain an endorsement letter from the authorized organization. This program is one of its kinds in the whole of the European Investments. Any kind of investment in UK, will help the investor get access to the whole of European markets. UK provides the required infrastructure to help the businessman conduct business in UK.

The investor should be at least 18 years of age. He should be ready to invest a minimum of £50,000 in a new business with new business idea in UK. The investor should be able to prove that his business idea is fresh and is viable. This business plan provided should show that the business is scalable.

The investor should also obtain a decent score in respect to language ability set in the all 4 skills which includes reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The investor should provide bank documents to prove his economic stand point that he can support self and his family when living in UK. He cannot at any given point of time depend on public funds in whichever way possible. It is better to work with International Investment Immigration experts to get the right documents and put them in place.

Total amount of investment required is UK £50,000. This amount can be already invested in the business. However, the same needs to be proved. The funds for investment can come from applicant himself, or from UK organization which employs a minimum of 10 people or from a foreign organization which has 10 employees or from a third party. All thought the source of the investment funds needs to be mentioned, it does not require the investor to prove the same. Businessmen who are on UK Start-up visa can shift to this visa when the start-up visa expires to continue their stay in UK.

The investor can open one or more business firms in UK. However, he cannot work for anybody outside his business. The investor can bring his immediate family into UK and they will enjoy the same visa status as the investor. This visa is valid for a period of 3 years and is renewable ‘n’ number of times. However, if the investor has lived in UK for 3 years on this visa he will be eligible for “settlement visa” there. To qualify for settlement, the investor has to satisfy at least 2 of the below rules –

i.                     The £50,000 has been actively used to further the business in UK

ii.                   Number of customers have doubled during the past 3 years

iii.                  The investor has indulged in quite an amount of R&D in UK or the rest of the world to enhance the product. The business should apply for intellectual property protection in UK

iv.                 The business turnover has been £1 million in the last year just prior to submission of application

v.                   Business should have generated jobs for at least 10 resident workers in UK

      vi.                 Business should have generated jobs for a

minimum of 5 resident workers in UK with an average salary of minimum £25,000 annually. 

vii.                The business should have generated a minimum of £500,000 in the last year alone of which at least £100,000 of exporting to overseas has occurred.

It is important that the investor works with the right immigration firm who is an expert in the field of international investments.



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