Get Citizenship by Investment and Enjoy Visa Free Travel

What is Citizenship?  

The status of a person being identified as a legal member of a sovereign state under the custom or law is characterized to be as Citizenship. When a person becomes a citizen of a particular country, she/he will enjoy the benefits of that particular country defined by the law of the country for a citizen.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by investment is a program defined by the Caribbean countries, to enable cross border citizens, looking for investment and a second passport, to invest in the country’s Real Estate or Government bonds and thus obtain citizenship in the country where they have invested.  

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment: –

•    Lifetime citizenship.
•    Pass your citizenship for your future generation.
•    You can enjoy all the benefits defined by the law of the country i.e. right to vote, free education & health care, opportunity to be part of politics.
•   There are no minimum requirements to be satisfied by the applicant under this program. It overlooks your age, education and work profile.
•    You get the country’s passport which allows you to travel visa-free to over 140+ countries

Visa-Free Travel

What Does Visa-Free Travel Mean?

Visa-free travel allows you to travel abroad by skipping lengthy visa formalities. Without visa, you can travel more than 140 countries. If you obtain citizenship by investment, you get a chance to avail these benefits if a country has signed travel agreements with that particular country you are traveling to.

 Advantages of Visa-Free Travel: –

•    You can skip the systems of filling the lengthy form.
•    You don’t need to share any kind of confidential data.
•    You can save the processing time taken for your visa application at the government office or relevant body.
•   You can avoid unexpected circumstances that may arise during your travel abroad.
•  You can improve your business prospects across the globe
To know more about Citizenship by investment, get in touch with XIPHIAS Immigration, the leading immigration consultant across the globe with a 100% success rate. 


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