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Recent Updates of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act

 Recent Updates of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act New changes has been introduced by Grenada government in Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act No. 15 of 2013, now it is even more benefits to investor applicants to choose Grenada Citizenship by Investor Program. These changes are in addition to the changes that the government has announced in the recent past. The program now brings unequaled benefits to investors, which along with the recently published changes are as follows- 1. There is no longer a requirement to obtain permanent residency prior to gain a citizenship 2. The age limit for child dependents has been increased from 26 to 30 years 3. There is no requirement for child dependents to be enrolled in an educational institution 4. There are no age restrictions for parents & grandparents to qualify for citizenship 5. It is not a requirement to the dependent parents & grandparents to live with the main applicant 6. Now