10 Reasons Why Living in Antigua and Barbuda Is Awesome

Why Living in Antigua and Barbuda Is Awesome

Antigua and Barbuda is one among the Caribbean countries offering a second passport through a Citizenship by Investment scheme. When debating whether to choose Antigua and Barbuda as your country to apply for a second passport, consider the following facts:

1. A beach for each day of the year

It’s said that 365 seashores can be discovered within the Country. One for each day of the 12 months. True or now not, Antigua and Barbuda country is domestic to some of the most beautiful white and pink sand seashores in the Caribbean. Dickenson Bay is a long and active beach, commonly filled with human beings and packed with numerous possibilities, from sight-seeing in a glass-bottom boat to banana boating and jet-skiing.

2. Exciting plant life, fauna and sea existence

The nearby plant life is most various within the remoter regions and alongside hiking trails. The islands are domestic to more than a hundred species of birds, along with the little egret, brown pelican, and numerous herons. Barbuda is domestic to one of the most vital chook sanctuaries within the world, Codrington lagoon countrywide park, which takes special care of the frigate chicken.

3. It has one of the most temperate climates in the world

This is normally because of the low humidity of the Country, making it a superb destination to go to visit around. The average rainfall is set 39 inches each year. The wettest months are between September and November, while the cold time of the year takes place between December and February.

4. Adventures and outside reviews

In case you’re a water sports enthusiast, then head to Antigua which has 365 beaches and provides scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, fishing, sailing, or maybe kayaking. For an adrenaline-stuffed day on land you can pass zip-lining or on a prepared safari through the forest. Rainforest hiking and hiking in local forests is a popular vacation spot for locals and international travelers.

5. Cultural heritage

The country of Antigua and Barbuda is not only the most effective famous for its natural panorama, however, it additionally has some cultural history websites. St. John’s Cathedral is an Anglican church built in the 19th century, and it is one of the maxima visited sites inside the capital city of St. John’s. The museum of Antigua and Barbuda is also now not to be neglected. Nelson’s dockyard national park is the correct aggregate among guy-made and natural panorama. It's far the site of the previous 18th-century British naval dockyard and a few restored homes, at the side of numerous herbal trails main to lovely views over the ocean.

6. Lively nightlife and colorful celebrations

Antigua and Barbuda are well-known for its active nightlife and abundance of nightclubs and particularly bars, which lure people through their high-quality song and beachside region. However, the biggest birthday party of the 12 months is the Antiguan carnival held every year in the birthday celebration of the abolition of slavery. The carnival takes area from the quilt of July until the first Tuesday of August and is a 10-day festival of colorful costumes, meal fairs, cultural shows, concert events, parades, splendor pageants, skills suggests, and, most of all, high-quality tune.

7. Lots of public holidays

Except the traditional public holidays held generally in different countries, Antigua and Barbuda offer some additional vacations that you could take a day without work and simply relax. Independence Day is a huge birthday celebration, with many food galas, dance fairs, arts and crafts exhibitions held for an entire month prior to the real day. On Independence Day a ceremonial parade is held in several parts of Antigua. In which locals and foreigners all take part inside the birthday party.

8. No language barrier

The English settled in Antigua and Barbuda in 1632, and Antigua became under British rule until 1981 with best a brief French interlude. The country obtained its independence in the year 1981. It is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth II was the first queen of Antigua and Barbuda. Due to this lengthy British rule, the Antiguan government's official language is English, making it smooth to communicate with everyone on the island.

9. A quick aircraft way

Antigua and Barbuda is only a few hours’ plane journey away from North America, especially smooth to get to from the eastern seaboard. Numerous predominant companies, together with American, continental, delta, air Canada, and US airlines make sure the best services for his or her customers. V. C. Bird global airport has direct flights to Toronto, Miami, New York, Newark, and a few seasonal flights to Atlanta, Montreal, and charlotte.

10. Less costly houses close to the seashore

For about $276,000 you can purchase a 2,372 sqft home constructed, close to a number of the first-class seashores in Antigua. The assets are placed in a gated residential community and are derived with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a snug residing room, a relaxed dining region, and an adorable furnished kitchen. The property itself is landscaped and has a fenced backyard and a beautiful lawn location.

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