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Investments across borders are one of the most important investment opportunities sought for by high net-worth individuals. Europe offers many such investment options to choose from for the investors. However, it is important to identify which firm you can tie up with or partner with which can provide you with the cheapest investment visa Europe solution. Investments are of different types. Investments bring the investor either residency in the country or citizenship in the country where they invested. It actually depends on the kind of investment program that the investor chooses to work on that decides whether the investor gets residency or citizenship of the country. Residence itself can be either permanent or temporary depending on the country chosen to invest in.

Most of the European countries are tied up with one another as they are part of European Union. Investing in Europe provides the entrepreneur mobility in Europe and accessibility of most of the countries in Europe. This is one of the major reasons why investors get attracted to invest in Europe. Most of Europe allows VISA free travelling to any of the investor who invests in one of the countries in Europe. The investor with permanent residency in one of the country can live and work in any part of Europe. There are 3 types of investments that one can make in Europe –

i.                     Property Investment

ii.                   Business Investment

iii.                  Investment in Government Bonds/Public Debts

Property Investments can be made in pre-approved real estate properties set by the Government where the investor intends to invest. Countries like Greece and Portugal provide residency to the investors who choose to invest in the real estate there through their golden visa Europe programs.

Business Investments can be of two types. One is where the investor invests as a sleeping investor with interest only in returns while the second one is for those entrepreneurs who intend to run a business with their physical presence and vested interests.

Investment in Government bonds/Public debts is for those who intend to earn residency or citizenship of a country purely by providing funds to the Government through Government bonds or through investment in Public debts.

One can either earn residency by investment in Europe by investing in the below countries.

Countries like Cyprus, Malta, France, Portugal, Greece are few of the countries which provide residency to the investors. While Portugal and Greece requires the investors to invest in the country’s real estate, France exclusively is for business enthusiasts who intend to grow their business in France. France invites immigrants through their France Business Investment Immigration program which is now known as France Talent Visa Program.

Malta and Cyprus are two countries which invites investors to invest in their country either for residency or for citizenship of the country. Each of the countries provide their investment programs for the investor to invest in the real estate of the country. Malta investments bring in a lot of opportunities for the investor who intends to spread his wings across the globe.  

Most of the residency programs can convert to citizenship over a period of time. However, there are many countries which offer EU citizenship by Investment. Such investment brings in a lot of benefits for the investor.

The main difference in these two visa programs is the amount of investment. The high net-worth investor who intends to invest in Europe to obtain citizenship will be paying more than what an investor who intends to invest in Europe for residency there. Citizenship by investment program is very rare. Port Montenegro is a recent addition to those set of countries in Europe which are offering citizenship by Investment program. Port Montenegro requires the investor to invest in its ocean facing real estate which is currently the hottest investment destination in Europe with Port Montenegro emerging as the highest Yacht destination.

Another country which is famous for its investment program is Cyprus. Cyprus again offers both residency and citizenship programs to the investors depending on the amount of investment that the investor is ready to put in the country’s real estate. Cyprus Investment program offers a varied number of benefits for the investor which includes tax regime benefits.

Countries like France and UK, invite entrepreneurs interested in running business there. Such entrepreneurs will be provided with residency initially. Once the entrepreneur successfully proves self in the country, he can then move on to apply for permanent residency in the country followed by citizenship. In France, it could take a good 10 years for the investor/entrepreneur to get citizenship. But investing in France is one of the best choices that a businessman who wants spread his business wings would want to make due to the many benefits that comes with such a choice.

There are numerous other investment options that are available across Europe, and across the world. However, what matters most is to partner with the right international investment immigration firm which can successfully mitigate international investments for their clients.

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