UK Start-up Visa Program


Start-ups has been defined as a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs who intend to develop a new unique product or service. Such a start-up will have shoe-string funding with initial funding coming from either the founders or their families or friends. They need to survive on shoe-string budget for operations. Many countries across the globe including Canada and UK are currently open to innovative ideas opening their shop in these countries. The businessmen have to prove that their ideas are innovative in nature, they are viable and are scalable. UK Start-up program is an amazing thought from the government of UK inviting such innovative thinkers into the country.

UK has different pathways inviting businessmen to set up their branches or parent company in UK. This is one of those opportunities for the businessman to explore new shores in UK. This also provides the businessmen an open door to the markets of Europe although UK has officially exited the European Union. This is definitely a jewel in the European Investment Immigration programs.

To qualify for this program the immigrant must prove self in the below categories –

  1. Age – the applicant should be 18 years and above 
  2. English Language standards –The applicant will have to prove his English language ability through the tests conducted by the authorized testing agencies set up.
  3. Maintenance funds – The applicant will have to provide bank statements which show that the businessman has enough savings in his account to support self and his dependents when in UK. He cannot choose to depend on the public funds. For the same the businessman will be providing a bank statement which shows that he has been maintaining an amount equivalent to £945 over a period of 9 months before submitting the application.
  4. Endorsement letter – This is the main qualifying factor for the businessman. The businessman will need to provide an endorsement letter procured from one of the business houses authorized to do the same. The applicant will have to earn it from such business houses which are in the same industry or equivalent as the business idea is.

Each of the International Investment programs has their own requirements pertaining to the country which offers the same.

Start-up teams or multiple people can apply with the same business idea. However, they will need to provide documents proving that they belong to the same group and each of them need to provide separate documents pertaining to the above mentioned factors including obtaining Endorsement letters.

The applicants cannot claim or try to obtain public funds for any reason possible. They will need to register themselves once in UK with the police as per the regulations of the program. They cannot take any kind of profession as a medical practitioner under any circumstances.

The successful migranthas the right to study anything in UK, but he will need to obtain Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate in respect to the course the migrant intends to take up in UK.

The visa is granted for 2 years time period. After which, the business man will have to shift to other immigration visa program like the innovator visa.

The immigrant can bring his dependents to UK on this visa. This visa is not a permanent resident visa.

The applicant will have to obtain a minimum of 5.5 in all the fields in the language ability test. This has been defined by the Council of Europe’s common European framework for language and learning.

It is advisable for the applicant to work with a well-known international immigration firm which is well-versed in understanding international business standards. Such firms will have complete knowledge about the immigration programs and process. They will provide ample support to obtain the Endorsement letter too from chosen business organizations.


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