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Considering many foreign skilled professionals in the recent past having moved from USA to Canada, Canada has currently become the hottest country for skilled professionals to migrate to for a better life and for better opportunities. Working with the right immigration firm is the easiest way to migrate to Canada. Canada provides as many as 70+ options to choose from its long list of immigration program. Canada has a particular program through which you, as an immigrant, can choose the province or community you would want to move to.

As said earlier, one of the immigration programs allows the immigrants to choose a province to which you would want to move to. This program is very simple and does not require you to satisfy as many as regulations as is required in other programs to migrate to Canada. This program is known as the provincial nomination program. The below are listed few of the immigration nominee programs which are considered fastest PNP in Canada. The PNP programs were started in the 90s. Canada through its many immigration programs intends to invite as many as 1 million immigrants into the country by 2022. In between 2019 and 2021, Canada has invited around 200,000 permanent residents into the country.

Alberta PNP –

Alberta provincial nominee program is otherwise termed as the AINP. Alberta is one of the famous rich provinces in Canada which invites skilled professionals into the province with an intention to help local employers choose the right personnel to support the organization. Alberta encourages Entrepreneurs, especially farm investors to invest in Canada. Such farm investors will be those who have had couple of years of farming experience in the past 5 years just before the submission of application to Alberta. Alberta is one of the powerhouses in Canada which thrives on the energy industry there.

Saskatchewan PNP –

Of all the PNP programs, Saskatchewan is considered to be the easiest immigration program. To facilitate the immigrants, Saskatchewan has prepared as many as 8 immigration programs which cater to skilled professionals, health care professionals, farm investors, business investors and students. Saskatchewan PNP program allows immigrant to live and work in any part of Saskatchewan. The province is famous for its increasing opportunities, the cost of living and the lifestyle one can experience there. Saskatchewan provides high quality education and best medical care for its residents.

Ontario PNP –

Ontario is second largest provinces of Canada. Ontario is the financial and technical hub of Canada. It houses Toronto and Ottawa, two of the strongest cities of Canada. Ontario has many industries which include tourism, finance, technology, manufacturing industries among others. Ontario’s Provincial Nominee program is one of the best in the country. The program works in tandem with Federal Government’s Express Entry System. There are as many as 8 immigration programs defined by Ontario. These programs cater to Business investors who intend to invest in Greater Toronto or outside Toronto, skilled professionals and students. The living standards in Toronto are top class.

British Columbia -

Another most sought after province in Canada is British Columbia. It is the western most provinces in Canada. It is surrounded by Pacific coastline and mountain ranges. The province is famous for its adventurous trails and treks. People come here to explore the beauty and vastness of British Columbia. British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program main intention was to attract the right high skilled professionals into the province to ensure economic growth here. BC has defined enough programs to cater to the needs of skilled professionals from highly skilled to medium range skilled professionals. BC also invites entrepreneurs to set up their business ideas in BC or invest in an already running business in Canada. BC economy is defined by industries which include tourism, energy, manufacturing industry, film & television industry, constructions and agriculture among others.

Manitoba –

Manitoba is another strong province of Canada where original Canadians had settled in large numbers. The province has many rivers and is considered a rich economy due to prevalence of huge mineral reserves, large tracts of farm land and huge manufacturing units. Manitoba is made of clean and safe cities. Manitoba offers best living conditions possible in Canada although the cost of living here is pretty low. Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP) has defined around 6 to 7 immigration programs that help immigrants relocate to the province. Skilled professionals, Business Entrepreneurs & Investors and Students can utilize these immigration programs to relocate to the province.

Atlantic Provinces –

New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, New Found land & Labrador and Nova Scotia together form the Atlantic Provinces. These Provinces are located in the Atlantic Ocean. These provinces are beautiful and are surrounded by ocean. Each of the provinces is specialists in at least one of the ship businesses. They are famous for fishing, farming, ship building, forestry and mining. Cost of living in these provinces is pretty low but one can get to live European kind of living here. These provinces invite businessmen and skilled professionals to relocate here and work as would be possible.

Global immigration to Canada from Dubai is possible with help of immigration firms with international standing. One such firm is XIPHIAS Immigrations which is also an ICCRC registered firm running its business for more than a decade now. Immigrations is an important proposition and needs to be handled carefully. There is high demand for right skilled professionals all across the globe. It is required to ensure things move as peacefully as possible to ensure immigrations are smooth and stress-free.

Immigration from Dubai to Canada should be under-taken only by professional skilled international immigration firms. Any mistake during the process could become a permanent barrier for one’s dreams to relocate to Canada.

Move towards your dreams by working with professional immigration experts in your country.



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