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Investing in a new country for the purpose of conducting business is a huge challenge. People with big dreams and ideas have always had the requirement to expand and grow. They look for new avenues to build their business further. However, achieving these goals without the right channels is a tough propensity. It is required that the entrepreneur approaches the right investment partner who can guide them and make things easier to invest. There are quite a number of entrepreneurs who relocate to a new place or new country to fulfill their dreams. USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Singapore have always been countries for entrepreneurs as their destination to invest and grow. The best approach is to work with International Investment Immigration consultant who is an expert in the field with amicable amount of experience.

Individuals or businesses invest outside their countries with an intention to own properties or to create entrepreneurial opportunities. Entrepreneurs invest outside their country to expand their business. Depending on the kind of investment you make in the country, it provides Citizenship of the country or permanent residency there. Most countries across the world invite entrepreneurs if the entrepreneur is able to prove his business idea to be viable and has the strength to grow.

Making an investment is a huge decision. It is imperative that the investor or the business decision maker makes the right move. For everything to go right, the entrepreneur must choose the right international investment immigration partner who is knowledgeable on a whole and is capable of showing the right path. USA was and is always considered the hub for opportunities and growth.

Countries like Canada, USA, Singapore, UK and more are always on the lookout for the right talent to enter their country and take things to the next level possible. These countries have dedicated immigration pathways for entrepreneurs with which you can relocate to the country to pursue your dreams of a start-up.

Canada Start-up Visa –

Canada has time and again declared that the country has achieved its success due to its immigrants. Canada started its Canada Start-up Visa program to encourage all those innovative thinkers to relocate to Canada in pursuit of their dreams. As per this VISA program, 5 individuals can together apply as partners under the same business project. However, each individual will have to submit their application independently. Along with it, they need to provide their Letter of Support from the designated organizations which the authority to do so. There are 3 categories of designated organizations for 3 different requirements. You will need to also submit your business plan. There should be a copy of background clearance certificate along with the application. A successful immigrant obtains Canada Permanent Residency, eventually leading to Canada citizenship.

UK Start-up VISA –

Another such visa program is offered by the UK. The program requires that entrepreneurs intending to relocate to UK obtain an endorsement from an endorsing body. Government of UK has appointed enough endorsing bodies to cater to different requirements. The program requires that the applicant submit the endorsement letter and business plan along with the application. This VISA is termed as the UKSTART-up VISA program. The applicants need to prove that the business idea is innovative and it is both scalable and viable.

This visa is valid for 2 years. After this the successful immigrant will have to move to another VISA program to continue living in UK. The entrepreneur can bring in his immediate family to UK on this visa.

Start- up Ireland VISA Program –

Ireland is one of the most famous and developed countries in Europe. The country is a hub for many multi nationals to open their branch for Europe segment. Ireland attracts such multi-nationals in large numbersmainly because of their corporate tax policies and the infrastructure it provides. Ireland’s Start-up Ireland Visa program is a blessing for all those who intend to migrate to Ireland to start a new business there. The living conditions in Ireland are top-class and provide modern European style of living. The entrepreneur would first get his temporary visa to live in Ireland. In 4 years’ time, the successful applicant will receive his permanent residency there following citizenship of Ireland.

France Talent Passport Visa Program –

France is a beautiful country and is considered the fashion hub of the world. The country is famous for its wine and fashion sense. The country invites entrepreneurs into the country who intend to start their own business there through their France Talent Passport Program. The passport of such entrepreneurs will hold the visa seal of labeled – Skilled Residence Permit: Business Creator. The successful applicant will need to get the stamp within 2 months of relocating to France. The visa is a renewable visa and should be renewed after 4 years. After 4 years of living in France, the entrepreneur can apply for permanent residency there.

Other Business Immigration programs –

The above mentioned programs are basically for those entrepreneurs who intend to start anew business in Canada. However, there are other streams for those entrepreneurs who intend to start a branch in other countries, or intend to invest in a running business either wholly or partly. This includes-

  • UK Innovator Program
  • Canada business Investment Immigration Programs (Business/Farmland)
  • France Talent Passport Program : Business Creator
  • US EB 5 Program
  • And more

For any of the above programs, the most crucial point is your investment partner who is an expert in the field of International Investments.

XIPHIAS Immigrations is a team of experts in the field and they are more than happy and prepared to extend their skills to help their clients in their pursuit to achieve their dreams.



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