Invest in the real estate or in a business in Europe

Investment across borders is important for high net-worth individuals who intend to build their personal net-worth apart from building their business propositions. Most countries which accept foreign direct investment grant either residency in the country or grant citizenship of the country in exchange for the investment. Such an investment is high end and requires ample amount deliberation and right collaboration to ensure success in the same. There are a variant number of countries in the European continent who provide residency or citizenship for their investors. Europe in itself is a rich continent with varied climatic conditions.

There are many benefits for European Investments. If you as an investor intend to invest in one of the countries belonging to the European Union, you will be granted access to the rest of the European Union and the Schengen area. As a main applicant, you can apply for your family who are your immediate dependents. They will obtain the same residency or citizenship granted to you. Your children will also have the same benefits as you enjoy with the European residency or citizenship. These investments have been possible in Europe due to extreme liberalization of foreign direct investment policies by the concerned countries. There are around 27 countries that are part of the European Union. European kind of living is one of the most sought after ways of living.

Below are few prominent countries and the residency programs they offer in Europe in exchange for the investment in the country.

French Talent Visa Program –

If you are a businessman looking to expand your web into the markets of Europe, one of the best modes could be the French Talent Visa program. This program runs in multiple phases. The program grants a temporary residency followed by a permanent residency in the country. You will need to provide accurate documents which include your experience as a businessman, your purpose for the visa, along with your business plan for the organization in France. This visa is renewable every 4 years. 10 years of living in France grants you an eligibility of citizenship there. This is one of the top investment opportunities as France itself is a country popular for fashion apart from it providing the required infrastructure for conducting business there.

Portugal Golden Visa Program –

The Portugal Golden Visa Program is one of the top attractors for investors. This visa allows you access one of the historical countries in Europe. Portugal has defined multiple investment programs in the country to fund their numerous projects. There are 5 different immigration pathways that allow you to invest in the country. The minimum investment required could range depending on the pathway chosen. This could vary between Euro 250,000 to Euro 350,000. This program does not require the investor to live in the country for a long period of time. This again works in two phases. First a temporary visa is issued followed by permanent residency there.

Malta Residency Program –

Malta PR program is defined for all those who intend to invest in the real estate (either buy or rent) or make a significant contribution or invest in qualifying investment in Malta. This program allows the investor to settle and live to work indefinitely in Malta. This is a fast track program. To purchase a real-estate in Malta, you will need to invest a minimum of Euro 270,000. In case, you want to rent a property in Malta, then you will be leasing the property for a minimum of Euro 10,000 annually and this should be maintained for 5 years. To invest in the stocks of Malta, the minimum amount required is Euro 250,000. These will be pre-approved stocks.

Cyprus Residency Program –

Cyprus has two separate residency programs. One is fast track program and the other is non-fast track. Fast track is granted in 2 months’ time which requires you to invest a minimum of Euro 300,000 in the properties in Cyprus. This program doesn’t need you to prove anything. You simply have to comply to with the rules. This program requires that you visit Cyprus once in 2 years. After the PR has been granted, you will need to visit Cyprus within a year to collect the physical copy of the PR VISA. The non-fast track is more or less the same. However, it takes 15 months for the process to complete.

Ireland VISA program –

Ireland invites skilled businessmen to start their business in Ireland through their Ireland Start-up Entrepreneur Program. This program requires you to invest Euro 152,000. This covers most costs incurred to start the business. This again is a 2 phase residency program where you will be granted an initial residency for 2 years and on renewal it will be extend for 3 more years. The investment should generate a minimum of 10 jobs for locals there. The business should be headquartered in Ireland. This program can lead you to Ireland citizenship. The corporate taxes in Ireland are the lowest in comparison to the rest of Europe. The whole program was started with an intention to increase number of businesses in Europe.

These are few of the famous Europe Investment programs. The key to a successful investment migration is your partner in the game. You must work with the right immigration firm and such an immigration firm should have extensive experience and knowledgeable personnel to help you with immigrations. Right choices, due diligence and right research are the key factors that could aid you to successful investment and subsequent migration.






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